06 November 2010

Amy Winehouse de regresso - Yupi!

Nova musica que apareceu ontem no Youtube e que deve ser a musica de promocao do novo album que sai a 9 de Novembro. E ja la vao 4 anos..

"Quincy Jones feat. Amy Winehouse – ‘It’s My Party’ has leaked. This song has everything that we love; the messiness that is to be expected with Amy Winehouse, soulful energy, and a funky beat with live instruments.

I can definitely appreciate the musicianship in this old school remake. What many don’t know is that each artist who is featured on Quincy Jones’ latest album , *Soul Bossa Nostra (that will be out on 11.9.10), chosed the tune that resonated most with them. Amy [Winehouse] struck gold with this one. This track was originally sung by Leslie Gore (1965)."

Acho que ate vou hoje a Camden ver se a vejo para lhe dar uma beijoca nos beicos!

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Pipette said...

uiiiiii!!! Love it!